Low Cost Spay Neuter

Spare Cat Rescue has a voucher system in place to help  with spay neuter costs. 

Cats or dogs we can help.


If you're in need of spay/neuter assistance please email us at spare_cat_rescue@yahoo.com 


These clinics are held by other organizations and are often cat or dog specific.  Additionally some dog clinics are for specific breeds only.  Reservations required and they fill quickly and sometimes are open to low income only.  While every effort is made for accuracy we cannot guarantee this information.  Please verify information when you are making your reservation.  Please advise of us corrections/additions. 


Pawprints on the Heartland, Southeast Kansas Area  www.pawprintsontheheartland.org/

Joplin Huamne Society  www.joplinhumane.org/