Why Declawing is Wrong

WE DO NOT ADOPT  any cats 8 months or older to anyone who intends to declaw the animal without first attempting to train him or her on a scratching post.    
Declawing surgery is an extremely painful amputation of healthy body parts.  This surgery has absolutely no benefit to your cat, and is detrimental to her health.  It deprives her of her first line of defense and will leave her feeling fearful, defenseless, and mistrustful of her human companions.  Training to a scratching post is always the best option and should be given an earnest effort before committing your cat to this life-changing surgery.  
If you are considering declawing a cat, please research this procedure beforehand.  Every humane organization in the United States opposes the practice.  In fact, this surgery is considered animal abuse in many countries and is therefore illegal in much of the world.  
If, knowing all the facts, you still intend to declaw your cat, please consider what you will do with this animal if it develops the bad habits that commonly result, such as biting, personality changes, and rejecting the litter box. 
 Declawed cats become biters because they have no other defense mechanism at their disposal.  The declawing surgery often results in painful arthritic joints in the paws, which in turn leads to refusal to step into the litter.  Often, we see these results months or even years after the surgery.  Please consider all possible outcomes carefully before committing your cat to this permanent change. 
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This statement is strictly the opinion of Spare Cat Rescue, the organization responsible for placing animals for adoption in the Joplin PetSmart Adoption Center.  It is not the policy or opinion of PetSmart. Please see the informational sheet in your adoption packet for instructions on proven training methods, ask one of our members for advice, or visit one of the many independent internet resources available.