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2015 Annual Report




               2015                2014            2015 Increase


Cats         289                   279                4%

Dogs*       118                    77                53%

Other         11                      6                 83%

Total        418                  362                15%


*27 of the adopted dogs are dogs that did not qualify PetSmart’s Rescue Waggin’ program - 17 Pit Bulls plus 10 that were disqualified for being food or dog reactive.


$26,300 in adoption fees were generated for CHS plus $4,180 stipend earned for CHS (PetSmart Charities awards $10 to CHS for each CHS pet adopted at a PetSmart Offsite Adoption event or at the Adoption Center.) Together, that totals $30,480 earned for CHS through the efforts of SCR.


SCR fostered 53 cats and 8 dogs for CHS.


SCR provided volunteers, drivers, vehicles, gas and our time to do 3 Re-home Transport Trips of CHS animal. We transported Dobby, Buddy and Dusty to adopters or rescue groups.


Vet Transport (SCR transported CHS pets to vets for spay/neuter &/or vetting) = 9 trips. A total of 16 dogs were transported to Pawprints on the Heartland in Pittsburg and Ft. Scott for spay/neuter/vetting and15 cats were transported to local vets for spay/neuter/vetting.


SCR provided financial spay/neuter assistance (through our feline low-cost spay/neuter clinics or spay/neuter assistance vouchers) to the public for 104 owned cats and 17 owned dogs.


SCR provided 17 fully vetted adoptable cats to Carthage Humane Society. These cats were adopted through our efforts and CHS received $1020 (100%) in adoption fees for these cats. (These were cats that SCR acquired and were previously fixed/vetted or SCR paid to get them fixed/vetted.)


TNR Count (trap, neuter, return) of feral cats = 105


Volunteer Hours - Petsmart = 2,098 hours

Volunteer Hours - Trapping = 188 hours

Volunteer Hours - CHS = 134 hours

Volunteer Hours –Transports = 72 hours

Total SCR Volunteer Hours = 2,432



Vetted cats = $1,020

Volunteer hours = $56,106*

Adoption fees = $26,300

Stipend = $4,180

TOTAL $87,606

*volunteer hourly rate per independentsector.org= $23.07/hr


Our Work

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Spare Cat Rescue obtains financial support from national and local funds for our projects. We are also pleased to count among our allies, organizations and individuals who are willing to make donations to further our cause. Donations can be made either publicly or anonymously, and are a vital component that allow us to do more.  

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